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5770 OCed > 4890 ?

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I heard a 5770 can easily overclock to 1GHz from the stock 850 MHz. I bet a 4890 can't overclock that much so if both cards were overclocked would the 5770 be better?
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the 4890 is capable of 1GHz.

The only real advantage of the 4890 over the 5770 is that its on a 256-bit memory interface instead of 128-bit. Even so, the 40nm technology of the 5770 makes it overclock a bit easier, not to mention scale very nicely in crossfire.
Well it scales better than the 4890, lower temps, and a bit easier than the 4890 to OC. Also, DX 11 support. However, the 5770 stock is like a 4970, but with DX11. Nothing a little OC wouldn't fix.
First... all cards/chips are different... nothing is guaranteed...

From most of the benchmarks i've seen... an oc'd 4890 edges out on an oc'd 5770...

Most Oc'd 5770s end up around 4870ish levels... maybe slightly higher... while most Oc'd 4890s are much closer to 5850 performance.

And im not saying they compare w/ 5850s
.... just that in the gap between 5770 performance and 5850s... the 4890 is closer to the 5850...

As said above... the memory bus is the big kicker in terms of actual performance during game play... benchmarking only means so much...

if you can afford it just CF them and leave a 4890 in the dust...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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