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First: my 5800X3D is cooled by a 2019 Noctua D15 with the correct amount of Arctic Silver 5 in the right place.
Get rid of that awful Arctic Silver 5 paste. It's actually quite bad due to their dodgy usage of chemicals that do not pass on the heat through its application. In fact, there was a warning released by that Excremental Company, in relation to NOT using their Arctic Silver 5 concoction.

Your best paste would be the Noctua H2, without a doubt the easiest available paste, with true performance. No cost-cutting junk was ever released by Noctua - Proven Fact.

Have a look at how many pieces of Garbage that were released out there by Arctic, and they start looking like my 'Uncle Dodgy' selling secondhand plaster at a 4th Rate Hospital :devilish: .
1 - 1 of 18 Posts