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I have Sapphire 5850 Vapor-X and there is no way to unlock voltages.
I have tried to change bios to msi unlock bios but nothing change.
In msi afterburner and sapphire trixx I can't change voltages.

So I decided to modifies my original bios in RBE and change voltage to 1.18 or 1.2.

It is something dangerous or important with that kind of modification ?
What is better to do : increase voltages and set clocks to 900/1200 for example or only increase voltage and overclock card in software.

Thanks for help.

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if you dont know much about overclocking i would suggest just sticking with increasing the core/mem speed please note dont increase them to stupid ammounts especialy if your using a stock cooler.i would recommend increasing them starting with the core speed only increase it by 5 and then check for stability as long as it is still stable then increase it more.
once you get it to a unstable ammount then drop it to the last stable ammount and make sure you let it sit for a couple of minutes to make sure its not still going uo before going to the next increase
and if you have a game that you can run at the same time then i would recommend doing that or something to stress out the gpu to make sure its not gonna be heating up when you are gonna be gaming or watching movies which can cause burns making you gpu useless and wont be able to send it back via warranty since it is gone once you overclock it or even change up the bios for the graphic card
also i would suggest to google how to overclock and be aware of what to watch out for when you are doing it and do watch you monitors when your doing it since if tyou see any pixels moving around which can causwe alot of problems in the long run if you do see them i would suggest dro[ppign it afte taking note of what the speed are at.
i have burned out gpu by not paying attention for **** like this so i know for q fact that it can damage you gfx card so i would read up on it as much as you can.
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