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5850 + PhenomII 955BE,Is a gigabyte superb 460 PSU enough for this setup?

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A friend of mine would like to change his videocard to a 5850 and he is wondering if his 460 superb would be enough for his setup. I think it will but I am not an expert of psus so I would welcome any suggestions.
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Ati recommend a 500w or greater PSU for the 5850. 460w might be close enough though just depends how much other stuff its running and weather hes overclocked.
If you get a VX450 from Corsair, it can run up to 700Ws and still be fine


But I recommend the TX650W. I have one and thing is a beast!
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That gigabyte superb 460 has a combined 25A on the +12V rails, that is cutting it a bit short really. Look at acheap upgrade like the coolermaster realpower, the 500W one has dual +12V Rails with 18A on each..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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