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5870‘s fan speed doeesn't seem to change

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The 5870 I have is made by Diamond, I have Diadmond's Expert Tool and ATI CCC installed on my computer, OS is Windows 7 RC.

The card is OCed to 900Mhz, 1300Mhz with ATI Overdrive, and Manual Fan Control is NOT enabled.

I never had any problem with the card before until I played Modern Warfare 2 yesterday. The game will turn all black after maybe 30 minutes, but there are still sounds coming from the game. And it will turn back to normal a minute or two afterward. I have no clue what's the cause of the problem, but I was suspicious that the temp of my 5870 was the cause of it. So I exited the game right away and checked the temp, and it showed 79c in ATI CCC.

But even when the card was at 79c, the fan speed doesn't seem to go up(normally it's 21%) much. It's under 40% for sure since it's really easy to tell from the loudness of the card once the fan went over 40%.

Do you guys think the problem with MW2 is caused by the video card's heat? And for the fan speed, maybe Diamond's ExpertTool is conflicting with ATI's CCC?
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