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5870 problem

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Hi i have just recieved my pc which was built for me. I am constantly getting different coloured dots flickering on my screen and sometimes lines. I'll list all the components below.

Asus Crosshair Formula III mobo
AMD Phenom 965 3.4ghz
8gb OCZ gold AMD edition ram
Sapphire Vapor-x 5870
Corsair HX750w

All drivers are up to date and i am using a Benq 22" monitor that can support 1920x1080.

Please can someone tell me how to solve this or any ideas why im having this problem.
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i think what your getting is called arifacts. They are ussually from overclocking to high or an unstable overclock. If your running your card at stock settings it might just be a bad card that you would want to rma
Just to isolate the problem, try running your integrated graphics instead of the card and see if the same thing happens. It sounds like a video card problem, but I personally like to double check things like this..
Using the intergrated card there are no dots or lines but the occassional flicker
Sounds like a bad card then. Have you been able to monitor temps of the card yet?
yea i have low its 23*c and high 30*c, also is it possible that this problem can of been caused by the builder damaging the card
Do you have two or more monitors running off it?
sure the builder could have damaged the card somehow. Also the builder should have tested the machine and noticed this problem before sending it to you , wether he admitted that he knows about it or not. it is stock clocked still right? @850 that is, not 870 mhz core
i am running a single monitor, iv only had the pc for a few hours and iv done nothing to it at all just turned it on plus its the sapphire vapor-x model so it comes pre overclocked at 870mhz i believe, i thought he would of mentioned it if there was a problem and he said it was fine but as soon as i turned it on this problem happened

1. Do you get these while gaming, or while the card is idle, like on desktop, or browsing, watching movies?

2. Open your CCC, go to 3d settings, and pay attention to small AA/AAA preview windows - are you getting small artifacts in them as well?

3. Do you get display corruption before loading windows, or in BIOS?
I would say the card definitely has a problem, but the flickering could be a potential monitor problem. Do you get the flicker on top of the dots and lines when running the card?
i have no games or anything installed literally just windows 7, i get these on the desktop, browsing, anything i do

yes i do get them within the 3d settings on the preview windows, the last stage of loading windows i see some and i havent tried entering the bios
i am now using the monitor on my old pc and there are no problems at all, iv also checked all the connections for damage. the lines and dots themselves flicker
Ok, try this, it cant hurt:

1. Go into CCC and enable overdrive then create a new profile, give it a name. Make sure that under "this profile includes" you only choose overdrive. Hit "save" and then "activate and close".

2. Go to "C:\\Users\\username\\AppData\\Local\\ATI\\ACE\\Pr ofiles" (you need to enable showing hidden files in folder options). Right click the profile you created and choose "edit"

3. You'll see something like this, although your card is overclocked so the max numbers might be higher, but what you are interested in are the bold numbers.

<Feature name="CoreClockTarget_0">
<Property name="Want_0" value="15700" />
<Property name="Want_1" value="60000" />
<Property name="Want_2" value="85000" />
<Feature name="MemoryClockTarget_0">
<Property name="Want_0" value="30000" />
<Property name="Want_1" value="90000" />
<Property name="Want_2" value="120000" />
<Feature name="CoreVoltageTarget_0">
<Property name="Want_0" value="950" />
<Property name="Want_1" value="1063" />
<Property name="Want_2" value="1163" />

4. Now change the bold numbers with something higher, for example the numbers beneath (in the second rows of each section). So 15700 to 60000, 30000 to 90000, and 950 to 1063. Don't go higher then the numbers in the third row for each section. Double check the numbers you typed/copied.

5. Save and exit.

6. Now go to CCC, into overdrive and confirm that your current clock values are 600/900 when idle (if you copied the numbers from the second rows).

7. Check the AA/AAA preview windows for artifacts.

EDIT: To explain, some people have issues identical to yours caused by the card down clocking itself while idle. Those bold numbers are the frequency and voltage values it will use in this low power mode. This is a fix confirmed by many people I know, and will show us if this is your problem as well. If it doesnt help, simply delete the profile you made form CCC.

EDIT 2: Oh yes, before step 6, you might have to go into CCC, then options/profiles, and activate the one you made.
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i will try this tomorrow when i switch back to that pc again as its late here, can i just ask what is this that il be doing and will it effect warranty in anyway?

Originally Posted by eddie..
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i will try this tomorrow when i switch back to that pc again as its late here, can i just ask what is this that il be doing and will it effect warranty in anyway?

It wont. I edited my previous post with an explanation. You are going to make a profile and tell your card to use higher core/memory/voltage in idle mode. Those three sections you see in my post are for core, memory, and voltage. Each of the lines is for three possible modes, from idle (top) to load (bottom).

By increasing the values in each of the top rows for each section, you tell the card to use higher values when idle.

I have seen multiple people with problems like yours, using same OS, and all were caused by this.

EDIT: You will be changing values for the lowest (IDLE) mode, so it's nothing dangerous, since those values are within normal specs, and lower then default full load.
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Ok thanks mate well il try what you have suggested tomorrow and il post back on here with the results, i really appreciate your help.
You're welcome, this might not solve the issue, but it's worth a shot. Just be sure to double check the new numbers you put in before saving the profile.
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