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5870 temps looking good?

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In furmark I did max AA and extreme burn period, I upped the core to 900 and mem to 1300 and fur stable. Average VDDC is 62 and VDDCI is 80. Gpu is at 82c and this is on auto fan speed and my room is 68F.

Why is VDDCI so high?

How does my card compair to other peopel temps?
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Should be fine until you reach temps around 90c, then you should worry. Even at 90c the card should be able to take it though (although with heat comes instability).

I say that if you are perfectly stable, 82c is perfectly acceptable.
gpu 1: 51 Vddc 1: 52 Vddc 4: 52
gpu 2:65 Vddc 2: 53 VddcI: 72
gpu 3:60 Vddc 3: 51

Furmark 600 seconds(extreme burn 2xAA) 68F Ambient

Why is gpu 2 and VddcI so high?

I know VddcI is located on the upper left of the card but why so hot?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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