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Hello OC.net

I am building a new desktop, and have a question; specs as followed:

AMD FX-6300
Gigabyte MOBO
2x4GB ram
NZXT Source 210 Elite
530 WATT bronze psu

(620 dollar budget, dont need OS mouse, etc.)

Now, I dont know if I should get the 7870 HIS graphics card and stick with an upgraded CPU fan for 20 bucks, OR if I should give liquid cooling a try and downgrade the card. I am going to be doing plenty of gaming and photo editing. Noise isnt a huge issue for me since 99% of the time i have my surround sound on so i can hardly hear the desktop even under full load.

Note: I am hopefully getting a job soon so I will be able to spend more into it in the next few months.

So i guess my question is;

Stick with 6300 + fan cooled CPU + 7870 HIS or give liquid cooling a go with the 6300 + Corsair h50/h60 + XFX 7850?

What are your opinions and reasoning? Thanks =)

PS: Sorry if in wrong section!

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An FX6300 will do 4.4 - 4.6 with a stock cooler, higher with an aftermarket cooler.
Water may get you to 5.0.

I'd take the 4.6+ with the better card.
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