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64Bit Software Question

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Why is it that some software such as Rainmeter and Mame don't have an install program for their particular program?, rather they have just the files in a zip folder. I would assume that when a program installs, it registers itself and all, but when you just extract a program into a folder and run the program "as is" it doesn't register itself. Is it a big deal? Or can I just run rainmeter "as is" and not have to worry? This happens a lot I find with the 64-bit alternative.
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Software does not need to "register" itself to run, the installer only puts the files in a folder usually in Program Files and adds information if needed in the registry. Also this is not only limited to 64bit software.
Programs typically only come in installers if they need to do something other than just extracting files in one location - like sticking DLLs in system32, installing a codec, adding themselves to startup, and so on.
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