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Please, someone needs to make a decision for me. I am pretty much done receiving all my components, mods and cable management. I bought the 800D with my set up but the fact that it is so big has been lingering on my mind. I am not sure if I should return it and get a 650D for my set up because I feel the 800D might be a bit of overkill. Or maybe there is another Mid Tower or small full tower (550 x 550 - 575 x 575)?

I plan on getting a MuderBox at the end of this year when I go full custom water cooling so with planning to replace the case, I do not think that the 800D is best with my new set up since I am not fully water cooling. Here is what my set up is going to be. Also, please do not mention air flow because an 800D can have excellent air flow with the right minor adjustments.

Intel i5 2500K
EVGA GTX680 SC with Backplate
Corsair Dominator 1866 DDR3 16GB
Corsair ATX850
Corsair Force 3 SSD 120GB x2
Corsair H100 CPU Cooler (P/P with black Cougar fans)

I already have two BitFenix white LED fans. One 120MM and one 200MM. So I can easily change out the 650D fans with those if I decide to go with it. I also wanted to replace the bay drives with a similar mesh than the one that is on the bottom. I will be changing out the one remaining DVD drive with the Silverstone slot feed mod.

What do you all think since I will be going full water cooling at the end of the year but with a different case?

Someone PLEASE make the decision. I CAN'T DO IT, lol.

I know it seems like I am favoring the 650D a bit so let me give some quick notes as to why I am holding on to the 800D though:

Closed off hot swap bays as opposed to the open ones in the 650D
More cable management
PSU separation

Thanks all!
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