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6600GT getting very hot

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My XFX 6600GT is getting extremely hot. I recently applied new thermal paste, but the temperatures remained high. The fan is set to 100%, but when I put my hand under it, no air seems to be coming out. The fan is running, though. As I type this, it's about 55F in my room right now, and my case is open. The processor is idling at 39C, but the video card 60C. I've put an 80mm fan next to the video card cooler, but the temperatures again stayed the same. Also, I'm wondering if the heat could be the cause for the odd artifacts I get in Portal/Episode 2. They start off as green/purple/red triangles, which color the textures oddly. It eventually covers the whole screen. I do have it OC'd, but setting it to stock or even underclocking it only yields a difference of a couple of degrees. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Load temps some times even exceed 90C. I've even seen it at 100C, but the PC shuts down if it goes any higher.
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A dieing fan will still spin.. it may however be spinning slowly and be the cause.
Try rigging a spare fan to point at it and see if the temps drop.
Maybe I could take the copper block and heatsink off of the stock fan and rig it to the 80mm? Just a thought.
I had the same problem when i had a 6600GT I just replaced the fan which only cost me about £1.50
I positioned the 80mm fan to blow toward the 6600GT... It dropped from 62C to 58C within seconds. 58C is still pretty hot for idle temperatures though, right?
I still need help with this, guys.
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