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Hey guys, up for sale is my Core i7 6700K - Non Delided, got it a couple of weeks back & only used for some testing, that's all.


I tested it for 1 hour RealBench stablity at 4.6/4.3Ghz @ 1.38V with 8GB of 3000Mhz DDR4.
The testing was done on a Asus Impact motherboard with Manual Vcore, LLC 5, H100i with 23C ambient temps. Also C-States, Speedstep & Spread Spectrum were Disabled to prevent CPU downclocking while testing.


Depending on your test & setup your YMMV a little bit. Comes with original box.
Price is $390 shipped.

Also, I have for sale,

1 kit of HyperX Savage DDR4 3000Mhz [email protected] 8GB (2x4GB)


Not much to say here except its in good working condition & is the same kit I used for testing the 6700K above.

Price is $50 shipped.

If someone wants to buy both the things, PM me, we can work something out.
Paypal is the preferred method of payment & I usually ship USPS priority.
If you have any further questions let me know & thanks for looking!
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