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We had a board (Maximus VIII Ranger) fail, see my other thread, it blew a memory MOSFET after 4 days of usage on stock XMP RAM profile and 4.5Ghz CPU OC @ 1.328v....

We bought a Asrock H170 Fatal1ty Performance as a temporary board and to test the RAM and CPU to see if they survived..

Installed everything, stock 1.20 BIOS, left everything stock and wanted to boot Windows 10 Pro.
All it did was instantly crash with either a IRQL error or random KERNEL errors.

So, i grabbed my USB with a easy2boot and a bunch of .ISO's and tried to boot Ubuntu 15.10 x64 desktop. Instantly crashed with a KERNEL error during the installation boot..

Ran memtest86+ and it passed 2 full passes with no errors whatsoever on 2133 JEDEC profile. (H170 Boards has no XMP so..)

Updated the BIOS to the latest 2.00 version, reset everything again, same on both the installed Windows 10 and Ubuntu setup. Windows 10 setup freezes while booting as well.

Underclocked the CPU to 2Ghz, RAM to 1333Mhz, disabled EVERYTHING we don't need (LAN, HD Audio, VT-D, you name it. Everything..).

Exactly the same happens.. KERNEL errors all over the place..

The SSD with Windows 10 boots just fine on my mates brothers PC and so does the USB Ubuntu.

So, we're going to RMA everything (CPU, RAM and the blown up board) and send the H170 board back as well..

But what we want to know, what is causing all there random KERNEL errors.. Especially since it seems the RAM survived the blowing of the board since memtest86+ works just fine..
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