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6800 ultra or 7800GS

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is it worth upgrading from my 6800 ultra to a 7800GS? from what ive read onlin they score somewhat the same, my 6800 at 44/1200 did 5970 3d05 13,550 3d03...what do you all think
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whoa, upgrading from a 6800ultra to a 7800gs? performance wise yes you'd see a difference (really only marginal, and only at high resolution with aa/ax turned up) but wether or not its worth it? probably not, wait for the next gen to come out before it'll be worth your while (unless you only have agp... in that case the 7800gs is as high as you can go, but still, wait a bit for prices to come down, the 6800ultra is still a decent card for now).

unless you're filthy rich
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