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Hey everyone,

I'm thinking of upgrading to a newer video card, and i want to make the jump to something that is somewhat better, but i have some concerns.

would jumping from a 6800GS (unlocked and OC to an ULTRA) to a 8600 be any improvement? dx10 is not a major factor right now.
i noticed the 8600 is only 128bit memory interface too.

I would think a 7800/7900 > 8600?

And yes i know i'm going from AGP to PCI-E...

what are your thoughts?


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If your looking for a good dx 9 card the best one is the 7900
or if you want a dx10 card i would get the 8600GTS or the 8800GTS but for now i think that the 7900 is the best for dx9 games
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