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6800GS or X1600PRO AGP?

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If you disregard the price difference, which card is better? I'm not too familiar with Nvidia cards since I've always owned ATI. Thanks for the help.

BFG Geforce 6800GS AGP

Sapphire Radeon x1600PRO AGP
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Originally Posted by AlienGamerLT

I have a 256mb BFG 6800 Ultra OC AGP8x card I'm willing to sell... It's never been overclocked, works like a charm, in mint condition. Bought it no more than 6 months ago and have had it installed in a SocketA AGP8x system (ASUS A7V8X) under normal gaming usage.

Requires two dedicated 4pin molex connections.

Purchased it off TigerDirect.com OEM for $399.99 at the time...

Asking $250+S/H. Let me know if you're interested!

The eVGA 6800 GS AGP with the copper heatsink is like $230... Retail at newegg...
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