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6800GS XFX stockoverclock

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Well, I was at a lanparty last night with my buds and all and we were playing games liek crazy without my comp crashing on any of them really. Towards the end of the night, i realized that my ram wasn't at its advertized speeds so i set them to the right speeds and ran a test. I left it on memtest98 for about 1 hour so i was itching to get on. In that amount of time it had passed 2 tests. Good enough for me.

The next day(today), i set my comp up and i played a couple games. Valve games like CS: S and HL2 Deathmatch crashed in about 30 mins of play and same for BF2. Although they ran fine. WoW runs all the way through though. about after 3 crashes on a single game, my whole comp crashes and i get a blue STOP error screen. Once I get back to the desktop, it says that its a problem with display drivers. Here's where the 6800GS comes into play...

I just put in my 6800 GS 2 days ago and actually turned down the disk drivers for newer ones on the website. They turn out to work well. But according to the error screen, my drivers don't work.

I don't really think my drivers are at fault here. It might be the fact that my 420W psu is too weak to hold the power of my stuff. Or the fact that my ram isn't working at STOCK SETTINGS(sucks). Or the fact that my 6800GS kills my comp with its pre-overclock.

Please people, I am in dire need of help. (It's 3:20 AM right now, gunna run memtest98 overnight) Thank you.