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So I have an mATX motherboard (P8P67-M Pro) and I wanted to put 2 HD 6950's in crossfire as my next set up. I want to do this relatively soon because I want to pick them up before they go through the revision and possibly lose the chance to be unlocked to 6970's (which would be a nice performance increase in the future if I needed it). However, due to the spacing of the PCI-Express 16x slots, the cards would pretty much be sandwiched together such as in this picture:


- http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/ATI/Radeon_HD_6870_CrossFire/

I've spoken with some people who have mATX Crossfire/SLI set-ups and they do say they run warmer, but still run just fine without any crashing or anything. Top card always runs much warmer due to the lack of airflow between the cards. I wouldn't be unlocking the 6950's to 6970's until later down the road when I would need the performance increase to save on power and temps. So I just wanted to see what others have to say and if there are any individuals here with mATX Crossfire/SLI set-ups that can share their experience.

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