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6950 Crossfire Powertune Problem

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So where to begin...

Before I added my second 6950, I was able to set powertune to +20% and overclock with Sapphire Trixx without it reseting to 0 on me.

After adding another 6950 (MSI Twin Frozr II Unlocked), I can't seem to keep powertune at +20%. Every time I try overclocking with MSI afterburner or Sapphire Trixx, my powertune settings in CCC reset to 0. This is a problem because I'm trying to get past 900Mhz core and I can't because powertune is throttling my cards.

Weird thing is that with crossfire disabled, I can overclock my first card with Sapphire Trixx without powertune resetting.

Anyone have any clue how to fix this? Or does anyone know how to increase the CCC overdrive limits?
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Originally Posted by F-U-B-A-R;14231243
Did you try reinstalling CCC? When I added my 2nd 6950 it reset it for me also, but after that everything stayed the way I wanted it to unless I removed one of my cards.
I'll try reinstall CCC, thanks for the tip.
Originally Posted by yoyo711;14231269
When you Crossfire try to same card to Crossfire or unlock
I'm sorry, I can't understand what you're trying to say.
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