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6950: Stock paste vs. NT-H1

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NT-H1 does not require curing time... but everyone knows pastes take a bit to settle in. with that said, these results are immediately after applying NT-H1 and I will update 24hrs or so from now with updated results... I did these tests for my own knowledge, and do not intend to give a sales pitch on NT-H1. Just had some here so I used it (and I do like the stuff).
Used Furmark to bring GPU activity to 100%.
Used a modest overclock of 850 core and 1350 Mem (Trixx) with a modded bios to unlock shaders.
Fan speed set to 50% for entire duration.

Stock Paste (Sapphire)
Fan Speed 50%
Idle - 35C
Max Temp - 65c
Time taken to go from 65C to 35C - 4min 15 seconds

NT-H1 (Noctua) (Immediately after application)
Fan Speed 50%
Idle- 33C
Max Temp - 61C
Time taken to go from 61C to 32C- 3min 32 seconds

NT-H1 (Noctua) (After 24h)
Fan Speed 50%
Idle- 32/33C (bounces between 32/33C)
Max Temp- 60C
Time taken to go from 60C to 32C- 3min 13 seconds
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So take away lesson here: stock paste is pretty good!
Yeah, not an impressive drop, considering the thermal goop some manufacturers (COUGH BFG COUGH XFX) still use.

Although I remember dropping 6ºC from my HD5870 when going from stock paste to MX-2.

It was pretty badly applied though

Anyways, 5ºC is always 5ºC, nice shave you had there
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NT H1 is a costly tube of paste! I've always found that the stock paste on ati cards has been a lot Better then that of nvidia.
I will post the 24h update here in a few mins.
Paste amount/application is important as which paste itself is used. If your Sapphire's stock paste (I assume one of the many shin etsu's) was put on heavily that may explain why your temps were greater than the NT-H1's. The NT-H1's aren't bad pastes, nor are they great either, I'd say overall MX-2 level.
Will this void the warrenty on the card?? I might replace mine with MX-4.
It won't unless you strip any warranty precincts, which is unlikely to happen.

I remember shaving from 104ºC to 74ºC on my BFG 8800GT when replacing the stock goop with MX-2.
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