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6970 w/c temps

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I just got my installed my water cooling kit for my 6970. my temps are 32C after running furmark for 20 minutes is it normal to be this low?
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Well I'd say DAMN nice temps! Happy OCing!
its nor normal but amazing...oc that thing
What's your ambient temp?
I have just the 6970 hooked up to a rx 480 rad. ambient temps were less than 68f.
Now the temps are around 35
Damn I need to watercool my 6970 too than.
What kit/block are you using?
just the one 6970, I'm using a xspc razor. I OC'ed it to 960/1375 at stock voltage.
My temps are now around 35C
Hey whats more important to OC for improvements in performance? Core Clock or Memory Clocks?
Originally Posted by trulsrohk;13066116
Well for heaven sake bump up that memory clock!

Memory is at 1400 MHz now.
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that sounds normal if u got an entire 480 rad attached to just that single card
My 580 gets to 33C under load, and my friends 6970 gets to 35c underload. So I''d say you're right where you should be.
What do you guys think would be the max safe 24/7 clock.
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