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6FT HDMI Cable $0.17+ shipping on amazon.

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17 frickin cents! And if you have ever read CNET they say that they have never found difference in any HDMI cable. ****, at this price buy like 10 of them and sell em to your friends for like 2 bucks a piece. They are 12 in walmart.
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There really isn't too much of a difference, I guess. I bought 2 3' cables from DVI Gear, and I have to fiddle with one of them for it to work
But for the price I paid, I think it's worth it.
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This makes me feel very saddened I paid $100 for a HDMI cable :/
^I was just gonna say - the prices in the stores is pure extortion.
And to think BestBuy almost got me to pay 40..
I got one with my PS3.

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