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7.1 only works as a 5.1

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i bought a creative inspire t7900 7.1 speaker set. i configure it as 7.1 in vista but i dont get the test sound from the side speakers.

the thing i noticed is that on the subwoofer , which has all the audio outputs/inputs on it, there are four colors for the speaker to soundcard cords : orange, black , green and grey ;but the audio connector itself has 4 cords on the subwoofer side and only 3 on the soundcard side (even drawn like that on the manual), and some cubic plastic thing in between where 4 becomes 3. now i found that the grey one which is missing on the soundcard side is the one for side speakers (says so on the motherboard outputs), could that be the problem or is it something else?

any help would be appreciated, creative support is not answering my emails.
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Sounds like your sound card isn't outputting in 7.1

What card you got?

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Sounds like your sound card isn't outputting in 7.1

What card you got?

its not a soundcard. its an integrated soundmax audio on an asus p5q motherboard. in the motherboard's manual it says its an 8 channel so i guess it supports 7.1 ; but like i said above there's no direct connection between the grey jack on the audio output and the grey jack on the subwoofer using the cable that was in the package. it connects to the grey jack on the woofer but grey is missing on the soundcard side. how are orange , green and black supposed to do grey's job?

this is what i'm trying to say :

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I would buy a sound card which reads as "7.1" because I think you need the grey side jack.
get a audigy se (7.1 24bit version) or audigy 2 second hand for like $20
or the x-fi refurb from creative is $45
guess what, i bought a single audio cable for the grey one and the side speakers are working!

this is ridiculous/outrageous , creative is supplying this "set" with a connector that doesnt work with motherboard's integrated audio.
Indeed Creative don't supply the right cable and don't offer a way of getting all four sound card output channels across.

This link offers a SOLUTION for getting all 8 speakers working in a 7.1 creative inspire set (mine's a T7900) with a non-Creative 7.1 sound card (mine's an onboard SoundMax)...


Basically it says to use an extra miniplug audio cable for the rear speakers: unplug the grey rear speaker plug on both ends, and replace it with the new audio cable, leaving the grey plug on the subwoofer just hanging. Then use what was the rear speaker cable for the side speaker channel.
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