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70-80 to spend for vid card suggestions?

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i don't game as much as i use to , but i do photoshop and light video editing. trying to wrap up my build here.
STT DDR2-800 2GB (2x1GB)
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Originally Posted by rock3ralex View Post
4830 or 9600gt
whats the difference between these
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4830 is much better than a 9600GT
get a 4830 or 9800GT. Each can be had for $90 shipped on newegg
And bother perform the same, get whichever you want. But the 4830 has a free game and a MIR, so its a better deal.
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Originally Posted by gerikoh View Post
Lol..let me know where you get can a 4870 for 70 to 80 dollars.

Your bet choice for a brand new card is 4830.

But if I were you, I wait save a 20 bucks, and get a used 4850. They are a couple on OCN used for around 100 bucks.

Also, with the release of GTX 250, I have seem many many used 9800GTX+ on craigslist lately for 100 bucks.

4850 > 9800GTX+, but not by much.
It really comes down to brand preference.
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sounds good i'm going to order it thanks
i got the 9800gt .. thanks..

Originally Posted by crazcookye View Post
Lol..let me know where you get can a 4870 for 70 to 80 dollars.
woops, typo. i'm already sleepy. heheh

4670 i mean. edited.
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