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700W PSU for 8800GTS SLI?

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Will my Thermaltake Toughpower 700W PSU be able to run two of my 8800GTS 320mb's in SLI? It is SLI approved and has 4 +12V rails, each @18A. Will it be alright with the rest of my system and the SLI?
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Yes, it will be more then enough.
You will be fine. SLI and the 8800GTS is the reason why I got my OCZ GameXstream 700w in my C2D rig.
700 watts will run SLI GTS' easily.
Thanks guys! I think I will be getting a second GTS now!
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yea dude i got a 600 watt and i run sli so i know you won't have any problem at all
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