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Windows 2000/XP - beta driver

A new Forceware with build 71.21 appeared on the web today. Props to the bro's @ osnn.net for noticing them. These drivers are dated the 6th of December.

These drivers are not WHQL (Microsoft tested) signed but do have support for all NVIDIA graphics cards, as they are not an official release they should be treated with the same care that you should maintain when using all beta software. We virus and ad-ware checked the drivers and they appear to be 100% okay. We recrunched the driver set towards 7 MB. it includes the easy to use setup.exe for easy installation.

There's not included setup.exe, you need to install these the old fashion way:

> System properties > Device Manager > Driver > Update

These drivers are to be considered beta, due to that NVIDIA does not support them. Use and abuse at your own risk. Please post and read user experiences in our NVIDIA Forum

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