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720 be 4th core can it be oc?

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I am debating between getting the 710, 720 be, or 810. the 7 series are just in from the factory so there newer makes. I have an m4a79T deluxe and im trying to get the most ghz for the money. I can unlock the 4th core on the 720's with this board, but i cant find out if the be's 4th core is stable (on average, i know you can get unlucky). And although im going to watercool, i have to wait till next paycheck to buy it, so does the be come with a heatsink? i know some previous be didnt.
Also i want to overclock this setup with water cooling, is that possible with the 4th core on?
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perfect. looks like im going for the 720 be. did it come with a heatsink?
yes, a pretty wimpy one. it might work for a mild OC with 3 cores, but not with all 4. that bumps it up to the 125W spec, and the quad cores come with a much fancier, heatpipe design in the box.
check out an AC freezer64 pro.. they go on sale at newegg for $20 every so often.
Or, a xigmatec s1283 or s1284. I am looking into one of these to further lower my temps.
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