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720p or 1080i ???dont know??

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can some one tell me if 1080i is better than 720 p dont know the differences of this 2 ...Iam trying to play the new halo 3 trailer on the xbox 360 and i want to see it in the max a good settings i have a samsung 42 inch plasma..
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1080i is better than 720p, make sure your tv can support that resolution.
I wouldnt suggest setting it to specificly 1 thing, if you have the options which should be 1080i 480i 480p and 720p unless your TV supports the 720p stay away!! LOL it will jack things up and not many companies broadcast in it. Other than that, if you can try to set all but the 720p and you should be fine, your tv will automaticly adjust itself to the format that the programming is being broadcast in
Personally, I can't tell the difference. The 1080i is the higher resolution...but its only interlaced, so it supposedly has inferior image quality than a progressive scan capable screen.

I'd suspect that 720p looks a better on a smaller HDTV, and 1080i looks better on larger screens.
well my tv supports 1080i ..i suspect that becasue the xbox 360 allows 1080i on the tv . So waht iam hearing is that 1080i is better, ok...
thnkz guys
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HD is a strange animal to figure out! Some TV's can not display interlaced images, and convert right to progressive...but not in the same sense as a 1080p capable TV. My tv is a DLP, and isn't *supposed* to be able to display interlaced, so it converts it. When I watch programs in 720p and 1080i, I can only see the slightest of difference. Regarding 1080i vs 1080p...most will say 1080p will look better...if you can find something to put out a 1080p signal

Samsung FTW
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hold on.. whats the difference between I and P with this mubble jumbo ?
is it diffrent patterns or waht?
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Scroll down to the grey area of the page. The images explain it better than I can

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actually, all HDTVs are required to support 720p and 1080i.

p and i stand for progressive and interlaced. with progressive, the tv displays a new image 30 times a second. Interlaced is a form of compression where the image is split up into rows of pixels, and the tv only refreshes every other row at a time, but at a rate of 60 times a second. progressive is better, because interlaced video has a tendency to blur.

I would chose 720p, but it's really up personal preference and what you're doing (watching TV vs. playing a video game)
1080i is just upconverted to 1080 but is not true 1080.
1080p is actual 1080 display, so it will look better then 1080i.

TV's are starting to be able to display 1080p, but nothing is broadcast in it yet, but if you are gonna get an HDTV, you mine as well get one that can do 1080p. There should be a local electronics store that should have some TV's running 1080p. Circuit city does, by me at least, has it running images and stuff from content downloaded from the internet on to hard drives. It looks sweet.
playing a video game ... ok thnxz again guys for helping me out with this new info
ok so how can i check how many fps[frames per second] my tv have??
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Originally Posted by highwhey
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1080i is better than 720p, make sure your tv can support that resolution.

Yeah but 1080p is way better than 1080i
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The link above, in my opinion, has the best explanation of the 720p vs. 1080i. The summary: 720p>1080i.
TV's (as far as i know) always have 30fps.

the reason they all have 30fps is that they are designed for the hdtv input, which is only 30fps.

interlaced video, even though it refreshes 60 times a second, only refreshes half the image at once, so it's really 30fps.

For video games, to avoid blurring, I would definitely use 720p
ok listen ppll! there is no way 720 is bettr, i would say its a good investment if u have a console and reguler cable, but if u bought a 360 or ps3. be smart and buy at least a 1080i tv...... go somewhere and plugin ur system and see the difference....1080P kicks ass though...so does the price
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720p > 1080i
1080p = best ATM.

1080i is good for still images and that's about it.
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