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7300LE vs X1300

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I have a 7300LE 512MB in a computer right now would it be a upgrade if I put a X1300 256MB in there? It mostly plays WOW, Spore and The Sims 3.
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I think the x1300 is slightly faster but the extra vram in the 7300LE would make up for it.
so i don't think it's worth all the trouble changing video cards.
The x1300 should be a little faster, but the vram won't make a difference since both would barely manage to get 128Mb used before the GPU is the bottleneck.
The X1300 should be better.

The only decent 7300 series card is the 7300GT
The rest are basically slightly tweaked Geforce 6200's
I think the 7300LE only runs in 64bit so the 512mb ram is wasted. If the x1300 is 128 bit go for it.
Only thing I found googling is that the x1300 has about the same speed as a 6600GT
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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