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*** 7600gs

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i have this card and i cant get it to overclock for my life at the stock 400/400 the farthest it will go without crashing is 430/440. the thing is i bought this card cause i was told the 7600gs is a good clocker, well its not and unless someone can give me some help this thing is going out the window. imo a waste of 125$...
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What are the temps like?

i dunno about the 7600GS being a good clocker. but check out flava flav!
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50c-60c idle-load nothing out of hand for a gpu
who makes your 7600?
I am suprised you even got that, I could only get to 403/500 and my GPU would be one fire at that. I just dont see the card as a great OC'er as some people say.

well, the 7600GT voltmod may work if the resistiors are in the same place...i'll find the linky in a moment
edit: here it is:http://www.overclock.net/faqs/104207...highlight=7600
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