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Hello people,
I'm a overclocker from Brazil and bought Foxconn A6VMX. Sadly, i noticed that the BIOS did not support HTT mult change (5x, 4x, etc).
So, i contacted the Foxconn support and foxconn developed a SPECIAL BIOS EDITION for me. U can request the bios too in the support of Foxconn, but, to you get more quickly, i uploaded the bios.

Download the BIOS:
100% Virus free:

Please, to install, follow the steps:

Download AMI bios utility

Download, extract and open AFU Win 32 or 64 bits (depends of your OS version)
Select the bios, and check the box "Do not check ROM ID".
Click on flash and accept suggestions of the program. Wait and when program says done, restart your computer!

Done! Bios installed and now u can have more OC.

Attention: This bios have a bug: When u change the hypertransport mult, when u save and exit, motherboard freeze. Press RESET. DO NOT POWER OFF AND POWER ON AGAIN. If u do it, u will need to use CLEAR CMOS to mother board work again.

When MB starts again, u can see the HTT changed.


Sorry for English Errors

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