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775 What board?

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I have a P5B plus asus that has a bios issue I can't seem to fix so i figure its' time for a new board. I'm looking for a board that supports 775 processors, quad cores. I have 2-2gb Adata ddr800s and a 1.8 core2duo right now but plan to upgrade to a core2quad later. I need a board that will overclock desent any suggestions? Looking to spend 100- 150usd
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well the gigabyte ud3p is a fav when it comes to the 775 domain. I really loved mine when i had it, overclocked my e8400 to around 4.25Ghz, and my q9450 to 3.6Ghz with ease. If a full featured board is what you are aiming for then look no further. If high overclocks and fsb are what you want then look into DFI, those boards are known for 600+ fsb overclock
I know i am prolly going to try DFI out soon.
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IIRC the DFI board are a bit beyond the OPs budget though right? Well I guess he could buy a used one or something.
Another vote for the UD3P. I will never buy another DFI mobo again. I have had nothing but bad luck with them and the CS is very poor. I also think the quality was lacking on my last one.
That gigabyte looks pretty nice. I was actually looking at some DFIs earlier.
These for around $120
but what bothered me about them is it looks like there are only 4 voltage regulators, and I was planing on upgrading to a Q8300. Is that going to overclock a quad well?
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P is definitely an Enthusiast favorite, but I gotta say the MSI P6N SLi's (of any variant) are also damned solid, it's personally what I use and love them. I've never liked DFI, Too many problems. They're really sensitive to different kinds of ram and in my experience are highly unreliable, especially if you OC. Not to mention they're butt ugly.

EDIT: However I don't see any P6N's on Newegg (think they got discontinued), but you may be interested in this:

Asus Rampage Formula for $155 Another highly regarded 775 at a damn good price. Review

For more:
NewEgg 775 Open Box mobo's
Well i'll give the UD3P a shot then. I am reusing my existing ram and i'm sure the gigabyte handles adata fine. I'd love to have that formula but I've been an Asus fan for over 8 years and I know what happens when you return a board. It usually comes back less than 100%. My last 3 asus boards have lasted about 1.5 to 2 years before something happens that requires a repair and they never come back right after wards. Since that board is open box, i'll probably pass lol.
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