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7750 or 710

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i want to build a new rig, which one is good for online rpgs ?
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well, ill say just go for the 710 since its only like 60 bucks more.
+1 for 710. future proofing as well
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710 for sure. It will blow the dual away, and its 45nm.

If you are lucky and have the right board, you may be able to unlock the 4th core as well.
thx guys for the replies, i will go with the 710 =]

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thx guys for the replies, i will go with the 710 =]

I guarantee you'll love it.
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I just got a 7750 in January. Honestly, I regret it. It is a good chip, and way faster than the Athlon 64 in the computer I replaced, but mine will simply not OC past 3.2 with any stability, and that seems to be a trend. There are a few folks that are getting more out of them, but it seems like most of the chips hit a wall in the 3.2 to 3.3 range. I really wanted to get a 940, but didn't have the extra cash for it. I will probably upgrade this chip to a 720 in the near future.
i just got myself a 720 for the heck of it. and am putting my rig together tonight.. ^ ^ so ph. II's ftw. =]
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