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7750 slow??

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i just upgraded to the 7750 and its nice, but seems slower than my old 5000+ BE. yes it is clocked lower, than i had my 5000+ but shouldnt i see a performance boost from the ddr2 1066 ability? i have whats in my sig, but the the 7750 now. any help would be great.
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it's supposed to be 20% faster clock for clock.

try reformatting your pc.
It's definitely faster. Run superpi, or sissandra. if you're referring to gaming, you won't notice that much of a difference really. I upgraded because I do alot of audio/video encoding/decoding and it flies through it alot faster than my old 5000+ BE. Just an example, my 7750+ @ 2.7Ghz matched my 5000+ BE @ 3.2Ghz right out of the box. Once I got the 7750 up to 3.2Ghz, it's a whole other beast. Also, the difference between 800 & 1066 is minuscule at best, so don't expect a huge difference.
i did a fresh install of windows on its own parti. last night. wouldnt let me "validate" idk it was weird, and it did the same thing to day. but i did a fresh install this afternoon. and reformatted my drive. so i have a fresh installation of windows on its own parti. but it still seems slow.
oh ok. well it just seems slow. could it be because its set to single channel for the ram? thats what overdrive says its in.

and how are your temps?
mine are around 10c in overdrive. (i know its not the best monitor program, but w/e)
Did you run the AMD Dual Core Optimizer yet? It's a one time run, and it will help your system use each core in a more efficient manner.

Your memory should be running dual channel, do you have it in the proper slots for your mobo to use it in dual channel mode, and is it recognized and set in bios as dual channel?

Don't believe the 10c temp, check your temp in your bios after a quick restart and see which windows program gives you the closest results.
fragmented system files during installation? Ive had problems with Windows installations before... Reformatted again and was like brand new.
It only says single channel because youre set to unganged. it's actually 2x64 bit dual channel controllers. It's a common software bug.
should i not run it in unganged?
yes i have it in the proper slots

ill try the dual core optimizer
and i have lapped true on it now. and in core temp, hwmonitor, and overdrive it all says its around 10c
Sorry to hear about your experience with the 7750. For the price, I thought it would be crap but mine is pretty snappy. The more I push it the more I'm liking it. Right now I'm at 3.1 on stock voltage and cooling till I decide whether I'm going to water cool or not.

The dual core optimizer may or may not help (so I've heard), I wish you the best.
does anybody got any ideas about my temps? i have a lapped true on it, and they are around 10c
What exactly is your question about your temps?
A few questions:
1. what are your temp on load?
2. What is your ambient temp?

Have you tried a different monitoring utility like hardware monitor, or speedfan?
I just wanted to jump in and add: I COMPLETELY forgot about the Dual Core Optimizer that AMD has. I have this chip and, personlly, love it. I will have to run the optimizer and see what happens!
won't do anything. the dual core optimizer doesn't work with phenom based architecture.
now i cant seem to get past 3ghz stable. i got to 3.2 and it was find during burntest, but when i was listening to music, surfing the web, and using aimservices it froze and crashed. same with 3.1. also i had my voltage up to +150vhm or w/e its called. some help would be nice. if its suposta be able to go to higher. then why am i not there. i have a lapped true on it, so the hottest each core has gotten was 17c
Temps are not your issue then. Getting all your settings to play nice with each other can have a person scratching your head at times.
I have no experience with the DFI LanParty DK 790gx so hopefully someone who does will chime in.
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what is the stock voltages for the kuma. mine in cpuz are 1.312v
could this be wrong or have an effect on my problems with oc'ing.
also the past to days iv been getting random system freezes. not bsod but just a freeze. and it seems alot slower. any reasons?
Here are my temps, this CPU acts wierd. when boot up on 2.7 idle temps are 15-17 with stock volts,just changed CPU multi to 16 for [email protected] temps are 24ish

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