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7800 GT differences....

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I know that the only drawback to my entire system is my shiesty GPU, so I'm looking to buy a 7800 GT, but i am trying to determine what version and what company should i buy from....i'm leaning towards eVGA or XFX, but if anyone has any experience, lemme know what you think would be the best.
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Gotta get an XFX.

I've got a XFX GF6800GT stock is 350/1000

I can get it to sit at 425/1200 stable :] I mean... there's some small artifacts sometimes in certain games, but it's like 10 pixels here and there. So rock on with XFX! eVGA just feels like a sheisty crappy company. Like there's no professionalism in their advertising or display. I'll be buying XFX again
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