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7800gt or gtx ?!?!?

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Hey guys,

My problem is choosing whether to get a gtx (looking at £300+) or going for a Gainward 7800 gt 'bliss' that has the words "Goes like hell" in the name which has to be a good thing...
Anyway the gainward is only £225 and it issaid to rival many gtx's

I was thinking that with the money i would save if i got a gt then i could put that towards an sli mobo, and im far more likely to get sli gt's than gtx's due to funding reasons

So what do you guys reckon? Which card should i get, i think ive saved up enough so help me make the right decision...

Thanks, Dan.
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Wait til next month when the GTX's fall in price due to the release of the 7900's, they are stopping production on G70 GT's so you can grab one now for a decent price.

It's really up to you, I love my GT and would opt to get another but I run on a 1280x720 res which is ample for 1 card.

Really look at whats the highest resolution you can run on your monitor before jumping to SLI, a GT will perform nearly the same as a GTX at certain resolutions, you might not want GT's in SLI since it would be a waste of GPU pwoer and money.

You might want to just go for a GTX on a non-SLI mobo
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Get the GT, the differnce is'nt enough for the price...
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Is this the Gainward card you were thinking of getting.



if so it looks Bloody sweet
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Yeh phonx that was the gainward i was looking at, cheers, i forgot to link it1
Thanks for the replys so far, more opinions welcome!
Cheers, Dan
The card is being made its only in limited stock tho, its being sold here http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatal...0__Series.html
So do you reckon i should go for it?
I take my statement back, it's the same price as a GTX $473 USD, wonder if this reatiler ships to the US, cause I might want to pick one up later

definately get it over a GTX

haha so im guessing you think its a good card then?
how much of a price drop for the gtx's are we talking about, becuas eim tempted just to go for the gainward now!
Thanks, Dan.
the super strong asus 7800 GT 512MB is actualy two weak 7800 GT 256MB...
and the price tag is crazy!
the gainward 7800 GT 512MB is a super strong (using drugs
) singel core card... and also cheap!
hmm you get great pref out of it and its cheap... i say go for the bliss... but it could be pretty cool to replace the cooling and oc it a bit... to see what a great clock speed and lots of memory can do!
about the GTXs... the new 7900 should take lead at the price range rank... at first the price will drop a bit so more people will get the GTX and still pay alot... but a little later on the prices will drop to the floor! just look at the 6800... its gonna drop too but as for now its just a bit below the 7800 and thats gonna be also with the 7800/7900 just wait!
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i like my gt...and plan on going sli in few months. are ya going sli, or just single? and what is with the 7900 already coming out? it is too damn early...*mumbles*and i just gor my gt....
they've already stopped production of g70 chips, so you'd better get on top of things if you're going sli
yea, i might wait for the floor and then grap a gtx, or a 7900gt sometime later this year, let is hope the 8000 or whatever doesn't come out for a while.
yeah it shouldn't be before late this year that the g80 comes out
that sucks....people with a 68, do ya'll have problems with vid games or do you play just as well as friends with 78gt & gtxs?
my personal vote is for the GT. I looked at things and the difference between an OC'd GT and a GTX running stock speeds is quite small and hardly noticable at lower resolutions (if at all) for me unless I get a new monitor the GT is more than I need as I can only play at 1280x1024. I'd say get the GT unless you plan on gaming at like 1600x1200, then the GTX would shine.
dmn it i want get the gt its a pretty sweet card

but cant find a place in israel that sell it...
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My 6800gt works for me just fine. I do not have any pci-e boards as it is, and dont plan on it. I am not even thinking about upgrading my gfx card at all until after DX10 comes out.

For the difference in price I would go for the GT.. then when the price drops again, you can get a 2nd one.
how much faster is the 7900 compared to the 7800gtx and the 7900 compared with the 7800gt's?
The 7900 outperforms 512 GTX's in prelimenary benchmarks...so take that into consideration.

It's basically 7800GT's or GTX's in SLI performance wise
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