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7800gtx's worth?

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how much are a pair of these evga 7800gtx's worth? I foujnd a pair going for $200, is that a god deal?
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Yea $200 for 2 GTX's is not bad... but why get them? They're antiquated now...
...You've got an 8800?

Who's the manufacturer? Price seems good for $100 a piece (*Maybe*)

Nevermind I just saw "evga" I'm ******ed
It's for a friend and I wasnt really sure.

Originally Posted by NCspecV81
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It's for a friend and I wasnt really sure.

SLI 7800GTX for $200 is worth it.
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They are pretty good cards for $100 each. SLI 7800GTXs will run almost any game out right now at high settings.
okay sweet, guess i'll be giving the O.K then.
Yeah that's a fairly decent deal. Don't expect to be beating any 8800's anytime soon though.
make sure you get him 256MB of Kingston ValueRAM for uber Frames! lolz
That's a great deal considering today's prices.
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