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780g video ram cap

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Hey, my friend has an MSI 780g AMD board, with onboard ATI 3200 gfx. his system came with 8GB of memory so we were trying to increase video memory to possibly increase performance. His Mobo bios however however caps the amount dedicated and does not let me adjust it. is this unavoidable? or can i flash it with a new bios? btw hes using Ver 5.04.

if im way off, please school me some learnin.

thanks guys.
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try the latest bios first.

though there are a lot of mobos if it allows you to add more memory to the graphics. it has its own 128mb sideport memory, that works like a dedicated memory.

but don't worry, i tried adding mine to 1gb and they just perform the same. you'd get more performance if you oc it to 550mhz though.

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