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780i and Q9550, Processor is not the limiting factor?

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Ok guys it's been a while and I just did a nice little system update (see below).

I have been able to get the Q9550 to 3.825ghz w/ no problem at 1.328v idle and 1.27v under Prime95 load. (viewed in CPUz). 8+ hours stable w/ no sign of stopping. I haven't even tried a lower vcore than that, so it may be able to go lower lol.
UPDATE: Pencil mod done, 1.24v idle and load

At 4ghz, I get BSOD's and NO-LOADs. I am almost positive it is because of the high FSB required due to the low multiplier. My real question is, I know there are some HT multipliers in the BIOS... are those what I would need to modify to get the board past this obstacle?

On a side note, my 4 cores are at [38C 31C 33C 40C] at idle. That's a huge disparity in my opinion. The chip looks pretty flat... do some of the cores on these chips sit in higher temperature zones? My question here is, should I lap it? It's never been really worth doing it before (i've done it on all of my previous CPUs and saw like a 1-2C drop lol).
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Well, sorry to break it to you, but the 780i isn't really renowned as a good overclocker, especially for Quad Cores. However, there is a guide that you could read that may help you out a bit.


That should help slightly, but other than that I can't offer much assistance. Other than increasing the core voltage and PLL Voltage, as well as giving it plenty of NB volts. The 7*0i boards love NB voltage.

I just wish I could remember more about overclocking on an nVidia chipset... I've not been there in a while.

Have fun, and good luck! Be sure to post the results here.

PS. About the difference in core temperatures: it could be due to an unflat CPU, or an unflat CPU block (not likely) or just a bad mount. Intel's CPUs generally aren't very flat, so you may want to check that if you ever do a re-mount. You've got nothing to worry about though. I'm assuming your temps stay in line.

Edit: Be sure to do the Pencil mod on there. NForce chipsets generally have awful VDroop, and the pencil mod pretty much eliminates this, or it did for my P5N-D.

Oh, by the way; you might want to think about cooling your north bridge more actively, whether it's in your WC loop, or whether you just buy a fan for it, it's a good idea; the NF200 chipset gets ridiculously hot.
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nf boards are more fsb limited m8, they do great low latency timings but not high fsb

i miss my 650 for that tbh, that used to get hot too

if you want to se how far you can get that quad tho you need a p45 m8, gb ud3x range is as good as they get too
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I did the vdroop mod just now. I now have idle and load voltages exactly the same in CPUz. They are also now only 0.01v off from the BIOS voltage.

So does anyone know how to loosen the 780i board for higher FSBs? I know it can be done.
Volt mods? Thats about all I can think of.

Originally Posted by kow_ciller View Post
Volt mods? Thats about all I can think of.
Its the opposite case when it comes to the 780i chipset. It runs ever so hot and if you want decent fsb you need water on the nb(in my experience and others)

Post up your Voltages JBD1986
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Here are my voltage and multiplier settings. Also, I have the newest BIOS loaded.

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Good luck Ive been having the same issues, adrianspawn has as well. It seems around 470fsb the motherboard just refuses to be stable regardless of voltage. Been tinkering for atleast a month now on the GTL lanes,vcore,fsb voltage everything.
currently testing 3.825ghz @ 1.24v!!! Looking good so far

Prime95 Load temps are:
[51C 45C 48C 49C]

I honestly am thinking I might be able to go even lower 0.o

So I need to get that FSB up so I can crank this baby!
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Ok i have a 780i and i have found you need more voltage on these boards here is my settings.

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I have a xfx 780I did the pencil mod while ago and worked great

I run my 24/7 at

Q9550 3.8ghz > 1.18 volts
Everything else is auto default

The Q9550 is a cherry cpu had it in my buddys P45 mobo and hit around
4.37ghz on 1.3

My Wall is Right at 450 , some are at 425 some are 450/475 seen one on the net hit 525 had to been a fluke.
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Based on my own 780i experience w/ a 9650, yeah, you're boards prob. going to stop you before the chip. Mine wouldn't budge passed 475fsb, & that was w/ nb maxed volts under water & tuned gtl's. It simply refused to go further. I later managed the same chip on a ud3p at 490 fsb.
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