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Just updated my bios from 6.0 to 8.0PB to solve my misterious problem with overclocking.
The first problem was that I couldn't set the multi to 8,5. Now I can do that..

Now I get random windows failiures, programs crashing and weird BSODS..
IRQL_ Less or not equal . PE...

Now I can finally set my multi higher, the next ****ty thing happens ._.

Downloaded the BIOS from EVGA's main site, put it on a disk booted it and ran the flash. No problems there.

I'm gonna try and bump the voltages a bit to see if that has got any effect.

Does anyone has a clue on how to solve this mystery?

Bumped the voltages a tiny bit, no more errors ;D
I've just hit a stable 3,7 GHZ; and its still a work in progress


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IRQL Less than or Equal to is a ram error almost 100% of the time. Make sure your Northbridge voltage is increased to account for your 435mhz FSB, two GPUs, and all four ram slots being filled.

I figured I would go ahead and put this out there just in case it pops back up you already have an answer and a reason.
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