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780i ftw or 790i ultra

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iam getting a new mobo to replace my 750i ftw which i hated .... i no both the 780i ftw and 790i ultra has great features and things like that i would just like know which one is better it will be running a q6600 and soon my friend is giving me a qx6700 so ill switch soon thx!
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Id get the 790i as a new device and it will give you more value if you decide to step up to x58.
The 790 chipset has had it's share of problems. I would go with the 780 chipset.
i was looking at getting a core i 7 actually iam really kindy building a second rig and with nvidia's everyday renames and re releases i was holding off on the cpu to upgrade my 260 into a 295 or 280 tri sli setup
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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