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7950 choice?

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With the recent low prices on the 7950s I figured I'd grab one too. I want one with a 7970 pcb with voltage unlocked and was wondering what my best choice would be since the HiS IceQx2 gets sold out within minutes. I'd like to stay under $260-270ish. Thanks for any replies.
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The Sapphire 4L is the only other 7950 that's still being sold that has a ref 7970 PCB AFAIK. I'd still try snagging one of those HIS's though; just keep hitting that F5 key
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The HIS on Newegg shows in stock for me.

Hmm 265$ for HIS ICEQ X2 7950 and return my MSI GTX 760... Should I bite?
Hmm there is a good chance the Never Settle bundle is starting tomorrow

Edit: its live now on Newegg.com
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