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7N400Pro2 good enough for OC or not

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7N400Pr02 with Barton 2500+, 2X 512 DDR400, Radeon 9200, DVD_RW & CD_RW LiteOn, SATA 120 & ATA 120 Gb Seagate 7200 Rpm. Pixelview TV card, 500 Watt PS. OC by multiplier switch up to 3200+, it run stable at cpu temp. 58-60 & sys. temp. 39-40 (room temp. 32-33) when play dvd (power DVD), VCD ( Window Media Player ) and TV (Play33) at the same time about 6 hours. it stop running when I run setup Program, Updating windows or antivirus. when started back it's run back again. I've already set the voltage and anyother condition that possible to do. So whats wrong, Me or my Mobo
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You either have a mobile or unlocked barton to be able to change the multiplier on the fly! congrats!

What voltages have you adjusted?

Your temperature is a bit hot, too hot in fact, and may be the cause of some of your random problems.

The board is a decent board, rock solid at stock settings, with SOME overclocking potential (obviously)

Let me know what voltages you adjusted, and see what you can do about some extra cooling (upgrade your heatsink/fan for starters)
I tried any value from 1.63V, 1.74V, 1.83 for CPU Voltage, 1.6V, 1.7V, for AGP, 2.6V, 2.7V, 2.8V for DDR, Coler is amd original on box, i just only manage air flow with modified fan casing into ball bearing type and locate it to get a better air flow direction ( 5 fan casing, 3 blow out (left, right ,back) , 2 blow in (front), 2 cpu fan (P3 fan) inside to manage airflow direction, and 2 original fan on Power Supply ) when not OC's CPU temp. 51-53 and sistem temp. 37-38.
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