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Just got my 830 and I'm jumping right into cutting it up

I'm gunna start by de-riveting the case, switching the top and bottom, drilling any holes that might be different and cutting cable management/radiator holes in the top and bottom

I can't stand the PSU being on top

Love this thing yo


Drilling out using 5/32 bit

All apart

Top swapped

Only a few simple holes to be drilled. The majority line up perfectly

Need to swap the plastic rails to the top piece

Consider painting the case black, I haven't decided yet

I spray with 20% acetone

and my best friend

Not sure if this will replace my 690 or just become another build. It's torn apart while the gd70 is in one of the office PCs for testing

Suggestions more than welcome

To be continued

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After about 12 new holes and 50 rivets later, I've got it all back together

It's business time

Set the bottom on the top so I could mark where to drill the rail holes

All done with those

All together minus a couple rivets, but still naked

That's better

I decided I like the plain aluminum with the black, so for now, no paint


Next I'm gunna be cutting the top and bottoms for 360 radiators
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