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840 evo 250GB vs 830 pro 64GB benchmark

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My 1st 840 evo 250GB results compared to 830 pro 64GB.

I ordered a 2nd 840 evo 250GB to replace my 830 pro 64GB soon for now i am enjoying the evo for games.

1st picture is for 840 EVO 250GB just fresh after installing.
2nd picture 830 PRO 64GB over 3 year use with TRIM.
3rd picture old trusted partner Samsung F3 1TB storage drive.

and for fun my very old trusted reliable HDD partner Samsung F3. My price going strong 4 years.

Staples has the Evo 250GB for $120 after tax if you are looking for one after $30 off 60 coupon and a pricematch to amazon for $139.99. I couldn't contain my wallet and had to buy 2

Coupon can be found here http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/comments/1zuet2/ymmv_30_off_of_60_at_staples_by_texting_yourself/

for pricematch
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Nice, thanks for posting this.

The 830 is still a nice SSD, the 64GB version is limited in sequential write speed by it capacity. The random write IOP results, at a bit over spec, should indicate that SSD is in good shape from a GC/TRIM point of view, so a bit strange that the sequential write score is not better.

I'm surprised the F3 did as poor as it did in the sequential speeds, that drive must be pretty full, and only the inner tracks are available, which perform worse than the outer tracks.

The IOP results of the F3 demonstrate why SSDs are superior to HDDs. Your EVO has over 100 times the random write IOPs and almost 370 times the random read IOPs.
yes, the F3 is almost full 100GB left. The 830 64GB is basically full today that's what i am thinking is causing the low write speed. Either way write speeds isn't that important. The random read is amazing.
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