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8600GT Overclocking help..

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I'm using 9800GTX+ and i'm very proud of it. I'm also using a 8600GT for Dedicated PhysX but i can't really say PhysX is it's thing! Can i overclock this card to get better performance? I'm downloading riva tuner v2.24 and although i'm a little familiar with overclocking , GPU ocing looks like it has nothing to do with fsb or etc. Can you help me?..
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Do the desktop versions of the 8600 have the same fatal flaw as 8600m? If so don't OC.
What fatal flaw:|? I don't know about this. Where can i learn about it more?..
no they dont, also an 8600 on stock cooling can do about 600/1800/1700. Or my EVGA one did
But that's evga. I mean evga
. This is just a normal 8600GT. Should i go for it?..
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yeah worst that can happen is it will go fussy on the screen and you will need to reboot!
Ok then what should i go for? any specific mhz or any speed relevant thing in your mind?..
lol with a good air system these things did 1000/2000/2000

but thats massive voltage

Originally Posted by TheSandman
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lol with a good air system these things did 1000/2000/2000

but thats massive voltage

I don't trust my cooling so i don't wanna play with voltages. Any "safe" values in stock voltage maybe?..
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Some of my previous 8600GT overclocking experiences -



Good luck with it!
Is there an 8600GT ocing guide? Where do i start? Is there anything special that i need to know?

I have to admit even though i love my 8600GT as a "card" , it kills me in mirror's edge as a physx card. I heard 9800GT is a perfect PPL and i was wondering if i oc my 8600GT , would it be as good as or almost good as 9800GT..
And another thing. Why does my temp always stays at 42c. It goes neither up nor down..
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