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I just put together my old computer and I wanted to use it as a backup rig and 24/7 folding with my old 8600GTS. I wanted higher overclocks so I flashed a modded BIOS with 1.3v. I just googled the stock voltage and its supposed to be 1.35v. Did I just lower the vcore? I also wanted to do the pencil mod but all I can find is other card pencil mods. I can't find one for my EVGA 8600GTS 512MB. Can anyone find one for EVGA?
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Originally Posted by RyanRacer48
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DO NOT PENCIL MOD. Always a bad idea.

Excellent way of guaranteeing you will fry your video card. To me the few extra mhz you MIGHT be able to ascertain isn't worth knowing your going to fry your videocard.

You can get a used 8600 GT for like $20, $50-60 brand new. Who cares if it fries, lol.

Get as much out of it as you can while its still alive.
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