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8800 G92 GTS power requirements

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I was wondering If My BFG 650w will work for sli'd G92 GTS's considering that It only powers my MB, CPU, and GPU. All fans and HD/optical are powered by another PSU.
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This is the old BFG 650w PSU?
It should be fine; nitteo used to run 4x8800GTs on 650watt PSUs I believe.
20Amps on the 12v rail is awwwright.
Just looked, NV says there should be 26a on the 12v rail each o_O.
Well, I guess it would work.
Don't knwo the requirements for a single 8800 GTS G92
I wouldn't. Going over ~30A on the 12V on the old Topower built BFG 650 really puts that unit right on the edge. Add cheap caps to the mix and assuming the PSU is a couple years old, I would recommend against it.


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According to this article:

The 8800GTS uses 145.2 watts.
I don't see the g92 512 on that list. It is a little more efficient than the 640mb version, I would put it around 130W.
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PSU is at max a year old. It is doing fine with the one but I'm not sure about two. My 5000+draws about 105w at it's max oc ATM it is drawing 85w. according to gpureview.com the card draws 145w http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards....rd1=548&card2= so I'm looking @ 270max plus board. I'm just not too sure about the amps.
I had the old BFG 650 watt and 8800gts slied with my e8400 @ 4 with 3 hdds and case fans of a antec 900 I think you will be fine.
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