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Originally Posted by benfica101 View Post
I did SLI 8800GTS 320MB cards a while back got score of 13,345 with an E6600 oc to 3.6Ghz, put in an 8800GT and got around the same score, so i would say 8800GT 4850.
Synthetic benchmarks doesn't equate to real world performance... my 4850s CF is practically on par with my 8800GT SLI according to 3Dmark06


Originally Posted by darksideleader View Post
8800GTS G80 SLI would equal around a 8800GTX.
So yea inbetween a 8800GT/4830 and 4850.
Naw dude, the 640GTS SLI can beat out a single 8800 Ultra...
then you consider that single card performance goes:
8800 Ultra > 9800gtx+ = HD4850 > GTX 260 > HD3870X2 > HD4870

So I would still say at least equal to a 4850.. probably slightly above
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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