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8800gt,701Mhz @ 78°C --> should I go further?

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hey all

I'll keep it short

I have a stock Oc'd 8800gt of MSi (660Mhz, 950Mhz memory and 1650Mhz shader) which ran up to 96°C with stock fan at 29% under load.

I further OC'd it, 701Mhz core, 1752Mhz Shader (linked with core), and 1004Mhz memory. I put the fan at 100%.

In furmark, I did the stability test.
1280*1024, No MSAA, Xtreme Burning mode (supposed to 'xtremely' stress the core) and ran it for 1 hour.

It maxed out at 78°C.

therefore my question is: shoudld I overclock it further? 78°C isn't alot, and I already noticed a nice increase in performance. I am using this overclokc solely for games, so the fan won't be running at 100% 24/7.

How far do you guys think I can go

(I'm a real rookie to this lol, but I hope I can increase this card a bit more)

thanks in advance
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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